Dustin Adams

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Anonymous asked:
How old are you ? I like your tattoo.

22! and thank you!

Never again.

Today is a big day. After 3 comas and about 15 rounds of Ketoacidosis, I am starting over. I will not cheat myself in life by putting off my recovery. I will not “deal with it tomorrow” or use my weakness as an excuse to damage my body even further. After talking my way out of residential treatment once, my treatment team is insisting that I surrender to the program and be sent away. I will not. This time, it’s on me. I will not be force-fed. I will not be treated like a prisoner. I will not be fattened like a pig before slaughter. I will prove that I can survive on my own, and that I can be thin without balancing on a metaphorical tightrope of life and death. The only thing I love more than being thin is being ALIVE. I can do this.


someone fall in love with me i am bored

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